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The Shoot Out

Posted by Clifton Smith on

Woke up this morning way earlier than normal. The more I play disc golf  tournaments the more I am trying to come prepared. In the past is used to be about having fun, and whatever I shoot it didn’t matter. Well now I feel it matters. When I first started I was always 12th, or 13th place. And it did not bother me at all. Now, I have been playing tournaments for about 2 years. Almost every month I have at least one tournament. I have been placing in these lately always 2nd, and 3rd place. I’m still having fun and not really caring about my score. Just want to go out and have fun. So, now I feel like I must change to make my 2nd and 3rd’s become first. This bothers me a lot. Because I do not want to take the fun out of it. I really think this will make me lose interest. I have never been a fan of compete ever sports. So do I try this and if I start winning hope that it makes my winning become fun, or do I just keep throwing to have fun and hope this brings me the win. Not really sure where I will go with this thought, but I thought I should express it in hopes it might help others have some fun whether they are winning or not. I will win soon enough but it won’t be at no ones cost. #KeepItInTheFairway